Hi Jennifer.....

Annie is doing great. She slept a lot at first. We went into 2 stores with her, everyone went NUTS.One lady wanted your number, we did not have it with us, so we gave her how to find your blog. She was the hit of both stores!!!

When we got home she went potty and ate and drank. Corky has sniffed every inch of her and we figured that was enough to start with. She was very friendly with my border collie who was also sweet with her:~). Our 7 month old kitten decided her food looked better than his, so he came and ate out of her bowl!!!

She has been an angel and played with us after she ate!!!

I forgot to ask you how you are feeling. I feel terrible for forgetting that! Thanks for taking your time with us today. We love the visits. Your animals are so sweet and well cared for and your kids adorable! I love how outgoing Nevada is!!!

Mint put Corky out for a few before bed......he came back to the door looking like a chocolate, he was digging to China I think!!! She has him in the bath now!

Take good care, we will keep you updated! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Thanks again!

Hi Jennifer,
It was wonderful to meet you guys too! Your family is so sweet. We felt like we were home there with your horses and animals etc. So much like our house.

Corky is awesome. He was an angel the whole way home and we even made a few stops and took him in the stores with us. He seems wise beyond his years when he looks at you. He is smart as all get out and already knows his name and several commands. He has our house and each room memorized already! he is getting aquainted with the cats and other dogs....pretty funny. He wants to bury his little nose in the kitties, but when told "no" he hides his head behind one of us and patiently waits it out. He is of a superior temperment thus far! We adore everything about him. He is not an obnoxious puppy, he is calm and sweet, playful yet observant and very obedient! What a great breeding between those two dogs. Brains, beauty and a cool color. Everyone LOVES his color. We just could not be more pleased and thank you times a million for selling us one of your lovely puppies!

We are off to go camping today. We bought Corky a lifevest for the dock and boat. We will take pics and I will send you some:)

Have a great week!

Hi Jennifer;

Here's an update on one adorable little puppy. We named her Pebbles and she is doing well. Really smart too. She is walking well on a leash and is very friendly. We think she's the greatest.
She's the hit of the neighborhood! Everyone is amazed at her colorings.

Hope your recovering well from your surgery.

Take care,
Jeff and Jolee

Hi Jennifer,

I know it's been months since Dolly (now named Niza, and pronounced Neesa) became a part of our family, but I figured better late than never to let you know how much we LOVE her!!  My son wanted to name her Ash, but it wasn't working for us, so we decided to go with Ceniza (which is Ash in Spanish).  We then shortened the name to Niza.  

Let me just start off by saying she is the perfect puppy!  She was in her kennel that very first night and never cried and made it the entire night.  She instantly adopted us as her new family and we've had such a great time since getting her.  I have to admit, I am 'mom' and she follows me around all day long - I wouldn't change it for the world.   

She is so smart that she was potty trained right away and has been fabulous with training in general.  She knows to sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, shake, go to kennel and go to bed.  We try to 'roll' but she hasn't decided to really go for it yet.  :-)  She's a natural at herding other dogs and children, so will probably look into herding classes for her and most likely agility (she is so quick!).  

She loves going on car trips and thinks she just gets to go everywhere with us (which she usually does).  She is such a sweet tempered puppy that people instantly gravitate to her.  She hasn't met a stranger yet and loves to dish out kisses.  We get compliments everywhere we go and are always asked where we got her from.  She is well known at several places we frequent (such as the wineries) that people call out her name (not ours) as soon as we arrive.  

We've had such a great time with her and it's only been a few months.  She has definitely turned out to be more than we expected.  THANK YOU so much for changing your mind about her and letting her come home with me!!  I can't imagine our home without her! 


Hi Jen,

I just wanted to thank you for providing me with such a wonderful and lovable dog. Lacey is truly amazing and I could not be happier. She is so smart, loyal, and sweet!! She runs up to everyone on the street and loves to be adventurous! I have already met a few girls thanks to her hehe :)

You were a fantastic breeder and I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a new puppy. 

Thanks again and here are some pictures of Lacey girl!

- Cory

I wanted to send you some pictures of Sadie as she has gotten a lot bigger, she's doing great we love her so much she has been so much fun with our family. She gets along great with my brother's dog and kids. Thanks again for letting us have her it's been super fun. So here are some pictures...Enjoy

Lisa, Mike and Sadie