Important Stuff

We DO NOT offer shipping!!!!
Our puppies must be picked up in person!! I understand that not everyone has the time to travel to pick up a new puppy, but I promise it will be worth it if you do. Often times it has worked out to be cheaper to fly in and take the puppy back with you in the cabin of the plane, than what the costs of shipping would have been. The average cost to ship a puppy is around $400-$450 We are happy to pick up and drop off anyone that fly's into Bellingham.  

All puppies are sold on a spay/neuter agreement NO BREEDING RIGHTS! Please if you are interested in breeding be up front and I will work with you! 

All puppies will go home with up to date age appropriate vaccines and  have been on a regular deworming schedule.

We are so very lucky to have the wonderful Dr. Aupperlee from Whatcom Veterinary Hospital come to the Ranch and vet check all of our puppies before they go home. They are also microchipped at this time.

Are you curious how we do things here, how our animals are cared for and the conditions they are raised in? Dr. Aupperlee and his staff would be happy to talk with you. 360-384-0212

All puppies come with a 3 day health guarantee and a 1 year genetic warranty.

We are currently feeding NutriSource Grain Free Chicken and all puppies will be sent home with a starter supply. You can order more here 

This is a very good quality food, should you however choose to feed something different we are happy to help. 

There is great information on the web about choosing dog food and rating systems. Here is one I like Dog Food Advisory

This is a wonderful article How to choose the best puppy food

Our favorite training treats are Merrick's Dried Lamb Lung

Our Favorite puppy shampoo is MinkSheen! If you loved how your puppy smelled when you pick them up here is the link to order some of your own. Click on the picture below!

This is my most favorite brush. It is an investment, but well worth it. I own several of them. It's perfect for getting through a thick doodle or poodle coat. It isn't a super soft brush so I don't use it on puppies.  

Coral Brush

These are our favorite puppy chews for the young puppies. This is what they go home with! 
Bully Sticks